Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On To My Next Passion...

Sometimes things come full circle in life. Before graduating from Iowa State University with a BA in Graphic Design, I spent the first 3 years of college fully intending to go into fabric design. I don't know why I switched to Graphic Design. I think I worried it would be a better job opportunity. OK, let's be honest - neither did a lot of good with my job of raising kids for my career. But now, I am venturing back to my college roots. I dug out all my old art supplies and started doodling last year on ideas I had for a line of fabric. It has become an obsession at this point. I seem to eat, sleep and breath in design, patterns and reapeats these days. I spend a few evenings a week drawing. I peruse every book I can get my hands on. I love it.
Drawing - Fabric - Quilting. They seem a perfect fit with me!

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