Saturday, January 2, 2010

On to a New Year!

I have been looking back at the last few posts and realized my blog is looking more like a foodie blog than a quilters blog. Time to get back to some sewing topics. Truth be told, I have been doing a lot of quilting and sewing over the holidays, I just haven't been doing the photo/blogging thang. So expect a lot of fun new stuff in the next few weeks, because I am now putting the pedal to the metal (foot, that is) and promise to show and tell.
It has been a pretty crappy year for the Fried house, as with a lot of our friends and many of you. It seemed appropriate to celebrate the end of '09 so we shared the evening with good friends at the Terrace Room, overlooking beautiful Lake Merritt in our favorite city, Oakland!
Beautiful views, dear friends and lots of dancing.
'Hasta la vista 2009! Hurray for 2010! Happiest of New Years to each and every one of you.
May it be healthy and prosperous, and most of all, memorable!

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