Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yay! UFO #2 is complete!

Get Er Done! That is the motto of the month. Okay, maybe 2 months... I wanted to share the latest UFO to come out of my closet.

This was a swap done with the "Thursday Night Drop-in" bunch. Did I mention what amazingly talented women they are? There is a lot of quilt know-how packed into one chatty room on Thursday nights. So we each did a few (more like a zillion) stars and swapped them to get that scrappy look. I used Ecology Cloth and a great Kaffe woven to put this together. The question is... should I border it, or just be done?


klk said...

Great quilt!! I'd leave the border off. LeAnn

Pati Fried said...

Thanks LeAnn! Hey! I will be home for my nieces wedding in May. Can we finally get together?

Kim said...

This is just gorgeous!!!! What is the name of the pattern. I would love to make it. I kind of like borders they frame it really nicely.