Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm just mad about Saffron...

That beautiful golden yellow that makes paella glow with an earthy Spanish warmth. YELLOW is for Sunflowers, sunshine, and those bright yellow centers in the daisies on your hillside.

Did I mention lemonade? Or corn on the cob
and oh yes,
that itty bitty teeny weeny Seems like a perfect color to chirp about in August.
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

So take a ride on a yellow bike.
Hail a yellow cab. Better yet, hitch a ride on a
Yellow Submarine.

Ever wonder where these beautiful colors came from?
Indian Yellow The story begins in a small village between the Himalayas and Calcutta. Let’s just say creating this bright cheerful color involved a mango garden and the local cows. Hmmmm.
Gamboge Known by the Chinese as ivy yellow or rattan yellow, comes from the tall tree related to the mangosteen, though the fruit is not as sweet. Patiently extracted from the bark, it sometimes takes a year to collect. What looks like brownish rock, will , releases the brightest yellow imaginable, when gently waved through the water.
and Saffron Thread
s for a cup of tea the color of rubies, with a thin layer of gold on top. Watch the blooms magically appears in a bare field, share its glory for a morning, and to be gone by end of day.
Somewhat of a Prozac, saffron will make the heart merry. So be Mellow Yellow
Because yellow makes people happy, and warm and yes
Brings a smile .


Kim L said...

Yellow is a happy color!

Unknown said...

Yellow is energy - the sunshine and light in our day - and yes corn on the cob. shoot - now I am hungry :)

Loida said...

BUT Saffron's mad about me.........I love love love yellow!!!