Friday, November 14, 2008

A Hummingbird Story

Yesterday, my friend Barb and I realized there was a hummingbird that had flown into my house and was frantically trying to escape through my skylight. The poor dear was fighting an endless battle...18 feet up, my skylights do not open.
Hours later, I found it near death and not moving on the floor. Clifford, my bird expert husband, did a little googling on sick hummingbirds and decided to make a warm nest, put an incandescent light on him and forcefeed it some nectar.

Well, he knew what he was doing. The sweet thing started sipping the nectar and slowly started to liven up. After about an hour of us taking turns feeding him through a straw, it left the snuggly nest (did I mention we used quilt batting???) and took one more sip before flying off into the night. Wow. What an experience to be up close to such a fragile, tiny beauty! It was really odd, but he didn't seem to have any fear of me at all. He just calmly watched me and waited for more nectar.

What a sweetie!

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