Friday, December 26, 2008

Busy Little Elves

Ahhh, the day after Christmas - my favorite time of year!! Life gets a little hectic in my house between Thanksgiving and New Years. This year has been no exception. On top of the craziness of Christmas, throwing our annual Chanukkah party and all the party invitations, we decided to do some remodeling to spice things up a bit more. I have had a crew here for 3 weeks - hammering, sawing and drilling. It made it a little hard to dress up the house for the holidays, but we managed fine. My elves are almost done and the noise level has quieted down tremendously!

While my elves were busy, so was I! I managed to get two quilts done in time for Christmas gifts. One for my aunt, one for my sister. They were pretty surprised when they opened up their gifts. I just love a good surprise!

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Kristin said...

your quilts are so beautiful! lucky recipients! glad you were able to elf about amongst chaos!