Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In The Garden

Here is what happens when you have an idea in your head, but you are too lazy to sketch it out before diving into the fabric!!!
I think I spent much more time "fixing" everything on fabric than I ever would have spent in doing with just a quick sketch!!! Ah well... it is done and hanging at the Lakeview Library for the month of June. With a lot of other fabulous small quilts. Stay tuned and I will post my other small quilt in a few days!


Robin said...

I think it turned out wonderfully!
The bluish fabric circle with the bird in it...are all the little swirlys part of the fabric? They seem to get fewer at the top?

Pati Fried said...

So nice to hear from you, Robin! No, I actually drew those in with Sakura pigma fine point pen. The tree seemed to need a little texture added - And I am all about swirls!