Monday, August 24, 2009

Small Town Jewel

One of my favorite day trips that Molly and I took while in Iowa was with my sister, Sherry, to visit a wonderful town that came recommended - Centerville Iowa. So of course, we had to go explore!What a great recommendation it was. Quaint streets, beautiful old buildings, friendly people and oh so fun. We started at the town square, which was actually 2 blocks large (never seen that before!) and discovered an ol' favorite of mine - The Ben Franklin Store!! We had a great time perusing the craft section. I was surprised to see a really good selection of quilt fabrics too- woohoo!

By then it was lunchtime. We found the One of a Kind Bed & Breakfast nearby. What a find! 32 bedrooms, gift shop, art studio and the cutest little tea room you evah did see! We had a wonderful lunch and yummy iced tea and finished with some decadent desserts that I will never burn off. We even got to take a peek at the 32 rooms!

On the way home, we found the Little Flock Chapel. OMG it was the cutest!! And definitely LITTLE!

That's all for now!

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